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With her sexy tits and her hot body, princess Raquel gets a lot of interest from men. But she does not mind it because it flatters her and she can have fun at their expense whenever she wants. Today she used her looks to make this guy make a fool of himself. He was so hypnotized by what she did that he did everything she asked including masturbating to her instructions.

Goddess Saffron knew that her neighbor had won a huge sum of money and she wanted a piece of it. She knew he had always had a thing for her so she baited him. She made him come to her house and she teased him and showed him her kinky moves and her hot moves. Then she made him jerk off to her instructions after he had given her some cash.

This mistress was broke and she needed money to buy a new car. She had saved up some but she needed a lot more. She knew this guy who had a thing for her and she knew he wanted to lay her. She decided to use him to get the extra cash. She met him and the guy agreed to give her cash in exchange for a lay. She took the money and teased him and turned him on and she made sure he jerked off to her instructions before she went away.

Princess Monique likes to have fun any chance she gets. She is a liberal mistress and does not mind being racy in order to have fun. She flirted with this new guy in the office and she made him mighty horny before she gave him jerk off instructions and lied to him that it was part of her foreplay. After he came, she laughed at him and walked away from him.

This mistress is cruel and nasty. When this guy tried to seduce her, she first of all did her research about him and when she realized he was a loser, she decided to have fun at his expense. She called him to her house and she forced him to suck dildos. She gave him jerk off instructions and made him carry them out to the letter till he came. The she chased him from her house.

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