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This neighbor was so good to lady Ayse and even though she knew that she could never fuck him, she was ready to help him with whatever he needed. That is why she chose to help him cum as it was his birthday. She had not seen him with the ladies and she felt that he was due a cum. She undressed and with her bra and thong on, she teased him and had him jerk off to her instructions.

This mistress was in a naughty mood and she wanted to make someone's day. This guy did not know that it was his lucky day as she had chosen him for the role. She teased him and she turned him on. And then she gave him some naughty jerk off instructions which he used to cum. The guy had one of the best times of his life and he never forgot it.

This mistress made of her slave's tiny dick and showed off her dildo which was big and intimidating against his small dick. She laughed at his small dick and wondered how he even masturbated. She then made him jerk off to her instructions. Luckily, she showed her sexy legs, ass and her big tits and those were enough for him to work with and indeed he had a powerful orgasm.

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