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Hot girls instructing you to jerk off

When mistress Sarah Blake realized that many guys make their decisions using their erect penises, she decided to cash in. She runs a business having fun with guys and making them jerk off to her incredible instructions. A lot of guys seek her time and want to try her out because her jerk off instructions are famed. She makes a lot of money from them and her diary is always fully booked.

When this mistress realized many guys were into her and did whatever she asked them after she got them a little horny, she decided to get compensated for her time. She likes to tease guys using different ways and get them to cum explosively by giving them jerk off instructions. Many of the guys think they have a chance with her but only realize later that they have zero chance with her.

Mistress Ceara Lynch is naturally kinky and naughty and she likes to tease and humiliate guys using her moves. This guy was chatting with her online when she turned him on by showing off her ass and her tits. She had joined an online dating site just to get guys to humiliate. She had many to pick from and it was always fun. She made the guy jerk off to her instructions and she laughed as he did everything she asked him to do.

This mistress has luscious lips and a hot body and she knows to use them to have fun. She flirted with this guy and she made him want her. But she did not want him. She only wanted to use him to have fun and to pass time. She teased him and showed him what she could do to him with her mouth and other parts of her body and then instead of doing those things, she left him high and dry.

Mistress Lisa Jordan was bored at home when she decided to order pizza. When it came, she made sure she was half naked and she teased the guy who had pizza. She made him forget other deliveries he was to make and she flirted with him. She made him horny and had him masturbate according to her instructions then sent him away to continue with his deliveries when he was done.

With her sexy tits and her hot body, princess Raquel gets a lot of interest from men. But she does not mind it because it flatters her and she can have fun at their expense whenever she wants. Today she used her looks to make this guy make a fool of himself. He was so hypnotized by what she did that he did everything she asked including masturbating to her instructions.

Goddess Saffron knew that her neighbor had won a huge sum of money and she wanted a piece of it. She knew he had always had a thing for her so she baited him. She made him come to her house and she teased him and showed him her kinky moves and her hot moves. Then she made him jerk off to her instructions after he had given her some cash.

Wearing her spandex pants, this mistress had a lot of fun teasing and flirting with her new boss. Her new boss was randy and she did not care about it. She wanted a promotion and a raise and she knew that was the only way she could get them from him. So she teased and denied him till he put pen to paper. Then she made him jerk off according to her instructions instead of laying him.

Princess Jenny wanted to test her flirting skills on this guy. She knew he was choosy and proud and he was the best person to test them on. She wanted to approach a rich guy but first she had to perfect her flirting. She teased the guy after striking a conversation and things led to her house where she turned him on using her teasing and naughty and kinky moves. Then instead of screwing him, she gave him jerk off instructions.

This mistress was broke and she needed money to buy a new car. She had saved up some but she needed a lot more. She knew this guy who had a thing for her and she knew he wanted to lay her. She decided to use him to get the extra cash. She met him and the guy agreed to give her cash in exchange for a lay. She took the money and teased him and turned him on and she made sure he jerked off to her instructions before she went away.

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