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This mistress made of her slave's tiny dick and showed off her dildo which was big and intimidating against his small dick. She laughed at his small dick and wondered how he even masturbated. She then made him jerk off to her instructions. Luckily, she showed her sexy legs, ass and her big tits and those were enough for him to work with and indeed he had a powerful orgasm.

This mistress is wild and that makes her irresistible to many guys. But she is rarely interested in them. She always likes how she can have fun using them. Today she flirted with this guy and she teased him and drove him wild. When she saw he was at a critical point, she made him jerk off according to her instructions and he had a powerful orgasm. He wanted to cum inside her but she laughed at him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan was bored at home when she decided to order pizza. When it came, she made sure she was half naked and she teased the guy who had pizza. She made him forget other deliveries he was to make and she flirted with him. She made him horny and had him masturbate according to her instructions then sent him away to continue with his deliveries when he was done.

Goddess Saffron knew that her neighbor had won a huge sum of money and she wanted a piece of it. She knew he had always had a thing for her so she baited him. She made him come to her house and she teased him and showed him her kinky moves and her hot moves. Then she made him jerk off to her instructions after he had given her some cash.

Wearing her spandex pants, this mistress had a lot of fun teasing and flirting with her new boss. Her new boss was randy and she did not care about it. She wanted a promotion and a raise and she knew that was the only way she could get them from him. So she teased and denied him till he put pen to paper. Then she made him jerk off according to her instructions instead of laying him.

Princess Jenny wanted to test her flirting skills on this guy. She knew he was choosy and proud and he was the best person to test them on. She wanted to approach a rich guy but first she had to perfect her flirting. She teased the guy after striking a conversation and things led to her house where she turned him on using her teasing and naughty and kinky moves. Then instead of screwing him, she gave him jerk off instructions.

This mistress is cruel and nasty. When this guy tried to seduce her, she first of all did her research about him and when she realized he was a loser, she decided to have fun at his expense. She called him to her house and she forced him to suck dildos. She gave him jerk off instructions and made him carry them out to the letter till he came. The she chased him from her house.

This mistress was not in the mood to have sex and her boyfriend kept pestering her for it. She decided to help him out. So she gave him jerk off instructions so that he could satisfy himself. He tried to beg her to give him a hand job but she refused and told him she could only give him masturbation instructions and that if he did not want them, he should not waste her time.

Mistress Lisa Jordan knows how to humiliate guys using her sex appeal. She loves to flirt with guys and when they are horny and turned on, she gives them jerk off instructions and tells them she cannot go on or screw them. Because of the state in which they are, most of them heed her call for jerk of instructions and they get to at least cum as she laughs at them.

This sexy mistress wanted to have a good time at the expense of this guy. This guy was so full of himself and thought he was God's gift to mankind. This mistress wanted to take him down a notch. So she flirted with him and teased him. He loved how naughty and kinky she was and he got hooked. When he went to her house, she turned him on and she left him high and dry.

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